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Stolen Instruments

Please be extra vigilant! Musicians and Music Shops Alert!

If you are not on the list please e-mail.

INBROTT / BREAK-IN hos Windcorp Göteborg

I natt hade vi påhälsning. Tjuvarna körde en bil genom entrén och säkerhetsgallret. Under kort tid hann de få med sig ett 25-tal instrument utan etuier. Se lista längre ner...

We suffered a break-in last night. The theives drove a car through the entrance and security bars. During a few minutes they managed to steal about 25 instruments without cases. See complete list below...

Hjälp oss att sprida information vidare. Dela gärna.

Please share this information to your friends.
Altsax Cannonball Key Artist Series #18045
Altsax Cannonball Big Bell Silver #179931
Sopransax Yanagisawa S-902
Sopransax Yanagisawa S-WO10 Elite
Sopraninosax Yanagisawa SN-981
Altsax Yanagisawa A-WO1 #00362643 el. 00363372
Altsax Yanagisawa A-WO10 Elite #00362049
Tenorsax Yanagisawa T-WO1 Professional
Altsax Jupiter JAS-1100Q #VF06963
Altsax Jupiter JAS-1100Q #WF0005
Sopransax Jupiter JSS-1100Q #VF06555
Tenorsax Yamaha YTS-280 #M85781
Klarinett Nuvo Clarinéo Svart (standard kit)

BEG Altsax Yamaha YAS-480 #L66771
BEG Tenorsax Jupiter JTS-989 Matt Silv. #15325
BEG Tenorsax Selmer Mark VI #121778
BEG Tenorsax Selmer Mark VI -57 Silver #71453
BEG Sopransax Yanagisawa S-991 #347727

Klarinett Jupiter JCL-1100S #VE52404
BEG Klarinett Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIH #01444

Valthorn Jupiter JHR-1100DQ skruvklocka #WC01556
Barytonhorn Jupiter JBR730S silver #WC08090
Valthorn Windplay WFH-800 Bb/F
BEG Althorn B&H Imperial Silver


In the early hours of July 12th we were victims of a break-in at the shop. The gang of thieves forced their way into our Sax Suite and stole 40 saxophones that were on display (full list below). The police arrived on scene and are investigating the matter further. Sadly this is the most recent in a spate of Music Industry related break-ins with the thieves clearly targeting certain locations and stock types. It is unlikely these instruments will appear in the UK marketplace but we have listed a full inventory below of what has been stolen, please be aware or on guard for any 3rd party re-selling or auction sites offering these models. Any info can be passed to us or Thames Valley Police (Ref: 43170204724)

DAWKES MUSIC (Crime Ref #43170204724) Stolen Saxophone List: (all new unless specified)

Aizen Fuga – Tenor Sax (#T000396)

Aizen Hibiki – Alto Sax (#A1000494)

Aizen Hibiki – Tenor Sax (#T1000493)

Cannonball A5-BL – Alto Sax (#178017)

Cannonball A5-BL – Alto Sax S/Hand (#168060)

Cannonball A5-R (Red Ruby) – Alto Sax (#180712)

Cannonball AVR20-L Vintage 20th Anniversary Model – Alto Sax (#V179014)

Cannonball GA5-B – Alto Sax (#163209)

Cannonball GA5-SB – Alto Sax (#179415)

Cannonball GT5-SB – Tenor Sax (#179555)

Cannonball SA5 BS Arc – Soprano Sax (#170907)

Cannonball SC5-L – Curved Soprano Sax (#123831)

Cannonball T5-BR Brute – Tenor Sax (#178408)

Cannonball T5-White – Tenor Sax (#165340)

Cannonball Vintage SVR-L – Soprano Sax (#V161233)

Conn New Wonder – Tenor Sax S/Hand (#442xx)

Keilwerth SX90R Shadow – Alto Sax (#128318)

Keilwerth SX90R Vintage – Tenor Sax (#128398)

Pierret Artist – Tenor Sax S/Hand (#NSN)

Selmer Model 26 – Alto Sax  S/Hand (#12460)

Selmer Reference 54L – Tenor Sax (#789893)

Selmer SA80 II Jubilee – Alto Sax (#781830)

Selmer SA80 II Jubilee – Tenor Sax (#784721)

Selmer Series III Jubilee – Soprano Sax (#789417)

Selmer Series III Jubilee – Tenor Sax (#776672)

Theo Wanne Mantra Platinum Silver – Tenor Sax S/Hand (#10047)

Windcraft WAS-110 – Alto Sax (#504872)

Windcraft WTS-200 – Tenor Sax (#PST080009)

WoodStone New Vintage AF Model – Tenor Sax (#0488)

Yamaha YAS-280 – Alto Sax (#M71831)

Yamaha YAS-480 – Alto Sax (#M40534)

Yamaha YAS-62 – Alto Sax (#E55872)

Yamaha YAS-82ZB Black/Gold – Alto Sax (#E46650)

Yamaha YSS-82ZR – Soprano Sax (#002868)

Yamaha YTS-280 – Tenor Sax (#M65644)

Yamaha YTS-480 – Tenor Sax (#M47927)

Yamaha YTS-875EXII – Tenor Sax (#E54371)

Yanagisawa AWO2 – Alto Sax (#00359445)

Yanagisawa AWO20 – Alto Sax (#00360832)

Yanagisawa TWO2 – Tenor Sax (#00345290)

And another list here

More credit card fraud.

Brittens Music has been subject to a fraudulent transaction involving a saxophone which was requested to be sent by mail order. When we processed the card transaction, the details (postcode, address) all matched. The delivery address was the same as the card address, so there was no real reason to suppose that this was a fraudulent transaction, and the saxophone was duly despatched on Tuesday 11th April. On Wednesday 12th April we took a call from Santander to say that the card holder was disputing the transaction.

We tried to intercept the delivery, but unfortunately it was too late. On checking with the courier company, the driver says the consignment was signed for OUTSIDE the property by a man but using the name that we’d sent the sax to. (Pippa Perrier).

Please be aware that there is someone, or a group of people who appear to be pulling stunts like this – apparently we are not the first victims.

The sax is a new, boxed YAS280, serial number WZ44940. It was sent to Pippa Perrier at an address in Southampton.

Kim Thornewell

Brittens Music

Grove Hill Road

Tunbridge Wells



01892 526659 (shop)

01892 559312 (direct dial)

6th April 2017

Unbelievably, yet more saxophones have been stolen from! Please see attached list of the 44 instruments stolen.. list below!

Message from Amy Pilcher.

It is with great sadness I find myself emailing you again to say we have had another burglary at Please find attached a list of everything that has been taken. Any enquiries/information can be addressed to either;  or


Many thanks for your continued help,



Amy Pilcher
Service Technician

Sussex: 01892 662533 (opt 1)
London: 01892 662533 (opt 2)

The serial numbers of all the saxophones are:


AWO1 - 359899 
AWO10U - 354715 
AWO10S - 358681 
AWO2 - 356119
AWO20 - 360163 
AWO20U - 360163 
AWO30 - 352252 
AWO32 - 352252 
AWO10 - 358685 
TWO2U - 00360420


YAS280 - M54414
YAS280S - M39167
YAS480 - M36318
YAS480S - M38990
YAS62 - E47553
YAS82Z - E36876
YAS82ZS - E42118
YAS82ZUL - E48399 
YAS82ZB - E52498
YAS875EX - E45229
YTS62S Tenor - E41609

Conn Selmer

La Vie 250 Alto - 60316941
DAS180 - 60216813
DAS180S - 40413648
PAS380 - 51216480
PAS380V - 51216459
Liberty Alto - Silver Plate - 40213279

Selmer Paris 

Seles Axos - 04623 
SA80 AG - Silver Plate - Alto - 790628
SA80 NG - Black - Alto - 790356
SA80 GG - Gold - Alto - 790193
SA80 BGG - Matt - Alto - 790365
Series III - GG- Gold - Alto - 789811
Series III - NG - Black - Alto - 768729
Reference 54 Vintage Alto - 787258
Reference 54 Gold Alto - 789584


Greg Osby System 76 Alto - 078
Master 97 Alto - 125915
PMSA 86UL Alto - 1017814
PMXA 67RCL - 609015
PMXA67RXUL - 1216614 

Signature Custom

Raw Alto - 8466 
Raw Alto - 8476 
Raw XS Alto - 8511 "

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