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Examples of my work

Here are some examples of my work, more to follow soon.

Tenor sax neck split repair.

This neck had a fairly nasty split on the seam and whilst underneath the cork it is pretty much airtight, the split can creep and cause further issues later. 

Tenor neck dent removal

The neck had been squashed and hit with something leaving a few fairly deep and nasty looking dents.

Alto sax key replacement.

These show where the key was snapped off and on this occasion I found it easier to remodel a key from a scrap sax rather than making one from scratch, this was ground from the angular shape to match that of the missing one. The key was then highly polished and blemish free ready to re-plate and then the finished result was quite pleasing.

Trombone moderate bow dent removal.

Tenor  Sax  key cup repair.

This Tenor sax key cup was chewed up quite badly and the bites were too heavy to burnish, as such it had to be taken down and buffed smooth again, then I used the heat and quench method so as to match up the patination.

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