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Mel started playing sax some four years ago and learned alongside a retired semi-pro trumpet player, she has played locally at the Oundle Fringe and music festivals, Thurning feast and other venues, she was part of an ensemble playing blues, gospel & swing until they retired and even done the odd spot of busking in local town centres Kettering & Corby.

After a couple of years of meeting some incredibly gifted musicians, instruments were bought and sold from each other, (it seems we all have gear acquisition syndrome at some stage), she eventually ended up with a fairly large collection of woodwind, brass, the odd guitar and banjo. Having found that many, not only have beautiful tone but are exceptionally well made she decided to open up this website specialising in selling vintage, classic and rare instruments.


The site is dedicated to the sales and restoration of the classic, unusual and rare musical instruments many of which are from a wonderful era where some of our most talented players made some unforgettable music of yesteryear, so rather than them being hidden away forever and discarded she likes to keep them in circulation.

Today Mel is repairing woodwind and servicing the odd brasswind occasionally, she specialises in vintage only not that many do considering there are so many modern instruments available, sadly some technicians will not even touch vintage now and she has learned the old school methods of repair passed down by her woodwind teacher of 35 years or more. As such she understands the players needs, especially those that prefer to play vintage woodwind.


At present Mel is based in Kings Cliffe on the outskirts of the town of Stamford and easily accessible from the A47 / A1M, this is merely 20 minutes from Corby or Peterborough.

King's Cliffe
  East-Northamptonshire lays on the border of Lincolnshire where a Roman road leads to the edge of the village off Ermine Street, this runs directly past the old airfield.

On 3rd October 1944 Glenn Miller and his band gave concert in one of the hangers at King's Cliffe airfield, it was to be their last concert on an American base as Glenn went missing just two months later on his flight to Paris.

King's Cliffe is also under the Oundle Deanery and is home to All Saints and Saint James Saint Church.

Oundle is a very popular tourist town with the British Trombone society visiting in 2012, There is live music every week which covers all genres.

Every year is the Oundle International music festival- if you have not been yet it is an absolute must.

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